Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Equally credible sources conflict on whether or not Kirby assisted Don Heck with illustrating Larry Lieber's script for the first Iron Man strip in 1963's TALES OF SUSPENSE #39. Sources are unanimous though that Kirby did pencil the second Iron Man tale.


  1. I believe Kirby did layouts and Heck did finished pencils and full inks on ToS #39.
    This it NOT to detract from how much Heck contributed to the story (and series), but it was typical for Stan to have Kirby do exactly that until other artists caught on to what Lee wanted in terms of storytelling.
    (Look how long it took Werner Roth to do full pencils on X-Men instead of working from Kirby layouts!)

  2. Don Heck later claimed (I think) that he'd drawn TOS #39 by himself, without an assist from Kirby. There doesn't seem to be any trace of Kirby's usual 'giveaways' that he did breakdowns.