Friday, May 8, 2015

There was a series of articles in THE JACK KIRBY COLLECTOR based on the thesis that there were many times when Lee and Kirby "collaborated" (the quotation marks are the article writer's, not mine) that the art and dialogue did not mesh correctly. The original art for the Inhumans backup in THOR #147 is showcased in the first article as proof. I'm not sure if that falls under the fair use loophole to copyright infringement because of the scholarly 8 paragraph article that accompanied it or because it is just one episode of a multipart story. Hopefully it is the latter...

It will cost you $2.95 to find out. Unlike the Eddie Campbell THOR article it is not part of the free preview. Which reminds me, the Campbell quotes complimenting Colletta from this week's earlier posts are only in the print version not the digital version. Don't worry, none of the other 15 paragraphs were edited out.


  1. Wow. You could drive a truck through the holes in Stan's logic on that last page. 1. Attilan isn't hidden yet, the locals clearly know it's there. 2. Why is Randac talking about sending every one of his citizens through a process that could still be the death of him? and 3. If he's the first one, how could he possibly know that it affects each person differently?

  2. I still loved this it answered a question or two that linked the Inhumans and the Kree...and hinting at bigger things to come. Loved it as a kid. Started buying Thor regularly just to keep up with this offshoot of the Fantastic Four!