Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Daily Kirby Blog slights Living Legend.

Imagine my shock and dismay when I was catching up on my email reading and was reminded by the knowledgable Comic Historians on the Timely/Atlas Yahoo List that Durable Dick Ayers, war hero and comics legend, turned 90 yesterday!!! It is ironic that despite his many artistic achievements that he is best known as one of the top ten Kirby embellishers.

No matter how much you know about Mr. Ayers find out more here: http://www.dickayerscom.blogspot.com/

Or if you prefer interviews to art: http://www.nippertown.com/2011/10/26/interview-dick-ayers-master-comic-book-artist/

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  1. In my opinion he is the best inker of Kirby. Met him once at a comic con, nice guy.