Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Forget Kirby for one day

Regular readers of this blog are surely aware of my longtime admiration for Dick Ayers. He passed away Sunday.

Barry Pearl, the backbone of dignified comic fandom, and friend to Mr.Ayers posted this informative tribute CLICK HERE

CLICK HERE FOR THE WASHINGTON POST'S REMEMBRANCE OF MR. AYERS for the mainstream spin with commentary by official Kirby Biographer Mark Evanier.

If there are any artists that you admire maybe you should send them a fan letter or ask them if they are doing commissions. Pretty words are nice but trading your (presumably) hard-earned money for something they created that they know is going to be a cherished treasure...

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  1. He was there as the FF started to gather steam and take off. Without his inks over Kirby, we might never have gotten to the glory days...