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(W/A) Various (CA) Don Heck
    In 1958, Stan Lee stood before the decimated Atlas line. Having gone from editor of a line of dozens of titles to just eight, Stan refocused his efforts on only biggest and best: enter TALES OF SUSPENSE! Anchored by the visual talents Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko and Don Heck, this new "big monster" book became part of a creative revival that would change comics forever. Their twist-ending tales featuring Martians, killer robots and massive monsters were the very foundation for what would become Marvel's super-hero House of Ideas. So strap on your tin-foil hat, grab your ray gun, and get ready to dive into one of the most amazing eras of comics' history! Collecting TALES OF SUSPENSE (1959) #1-10. Reprints 8 Kirby-drawn stories totaling 45 pages of art and 7 Kirby covers

(W/A) Various (CA) Larry Lieber
    Experience classic tales featuring mystic hero Dr. Droom, arch-villain Dr. Doom and the cosmic Watcher in one must-have Masterworks collection! Featuring some of the era's greatest talents - Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Roy Thomas and Gene Colan - it's a perfect Masterworks pedigree! This volume will also include a host of amazing extras from the 1960s peak of the Marvel Age - original Marvel Merry Marching Society memorabilia; rare pinups, posters and prints; and more! It's the volume you've dreamed of, so reserve your copy today! Collecting material from AMAZING ADVENTURES (1961) #1-5 (16 Kirby pages), TALES OF SUSPENSE #49-58, SILVER SURFER (1968) #1-7, MARVEL SUPER-HEROES (1967) #20 and #23, and ASTONISHING TALES (1970) #1-8.

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Kirby/Ditko Vs Kirby/Ayers

Do you know what is special about this issue? In 1972 OVERSTREET didn't.
 Williamson and Steranko rate a mention but not Kirby or Ditko!?

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Kirby denied credit for Marvel work.

"The Human Torch (joined by the Thing with ST 125, Oct 1964) received even less attention from its creator; Lieber wrote it and Dick Ayers who was most prominent as an inker, drew it from the beginning."
      - THE COMIC BOOK HEROES by Jacobs & Jones (1985)
 Maybe they hadn't bought an OVERSTREET in 9 years. OVERSTREET began crediting Kirby with the art for this story in  the 5th edition (1974) of the comic guide that changed the focus of the hobby by monetizing it.

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Ever wonder why scientists of the 1960 proto-Marvel Universe thought it was a good idea to supersize insects?

Increasing the length of Kirby's giant menace stories to 13 pages made it possible to add such details. This story is from TALES TO ASTONISH #14. Like the previous issue, it also had a Kirby/Ditko cover. 

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After 9 consecutive issues with nearly equal amounts of Kirby, Ditko, Heck and Reinman art the story count per issue was reduced to 3 starting with STRANGE TALES #82 so that the Kirby-drawn stories could be expanded to 13 pages.

STRANGE TALES #73 - Kirby/Everett cover - shipped Oct 1959
        "Grottu, King of the Insects" (6 Kirby/Everett pages)
        "I Saw the End of the World" (5 Ditko pages)
        "I Was Captured by the Mole Men" (6 Heck pages)
        "I am a Walking Time Bomb" (6 Reinman pages)

STRANGE TALES #74 - Kirby/Ayers cover - shipped Nov 1959
        "Gorgolla, the Living Gargoyle" (7 Kirby/Ayers pages)
        "Beware the Hands of Hundu" (6 Heck pages)
         "I Was Trapped in the Nightmare World" (5 Reinman pages)
         "When the Totem Walks" (5 Ditko pages)

STRANGE TALES #75 - Kirby/Ditko cover - shipped Jan 1960
        "Taboo, the Thing from Murky Swamp" (7 Kirby/Ayers pages)
        "The Return of the Totem" (6 Ditko pages)
        "Doomsday" (5 Reinman pages)
        "I Made the Hulk Live" (5 Heck pages)

STRANGE TALES #76 - Kirby/Ayers cover - shipped March 1960
       "I am Dragoom, the Flaming Intruder" (7 Kirby/Ayers pages)
       "Beware, the Ghosts Surround Me" (6 Heck pages)
       "The Dummy and Me" (5 Reinman pages)
       "I Found the Mad Universe" (5 Ditko pages)

STRANGE TALES #77 - Kirby/Ayers cover - shipped May 1960
      "The Return of Taboo" (7 Kirby/Ayers pages)
      "I am the Beast-Man" (6 Heck pages)
      "The Strange Magic of Master Khan" (5 Ditko pages)
      "Am I the... Unhuman?" (5 Reinman pages)

STRANGE TALES #78 - Kirby/Klein cover - shipped June 1960
       "A Martian Walks Among Us" (7 Kirby/Ayers pages)
       "The Fantastic Menace of Mento the Mighty" (6 Heck pages)
       "The Gargoyle" (5 Reinman pages)
        "Worm Man" (5 Ditko pages)

STRANGE TALES #79 - Kirby/Ditko cover - shipped July 1960
       "I Was in the Clutches of the Living Shadow" (7 Kirby/Ayers pages)
       "The Ghost of Grismore Castle" (5 Ditko pages)
       "I Found the Perfect Hiding Place" (5 Reinman pages)
       "The Thing on the Moon" (5 Heck pages)

STRANGE TALES #80 - Kirby/Ditko cover - shipped Aug 1960
     "What? What? What was Gargantus" (7 Kirby/Ditko pages)
     "The Thing from Dimension X" (6 Heck pages)
     "the Door They Dare Not Open" (5 Reinman pages)
     "Trapped in the Room of Shadows" (5 Ditko pages)

STRANGE TALES #81 - Kirby/Ayers cover - shipped Sep 1960
     "The Scarecrow Walks" (7 Kirby/Ayers pages)
     "A Giant There Was" (6 Heck pages)
     "I Went Too Far Back" (5 Reinman pages)
     "The Thing in the Cell" (5 Ditko pages)

STRANGE TALES #82 - Kirby/Ayers cover - shipped Oct 1960
     "The Thing Called... It" (13 Kirby/Ayers pages)
      "The World Beyond" (5 Ditko pages)
      "Fangs of the Monster" (5 Heck pages)

STRANGE TALES #83 - Kirby/Ayers cover - shipped Jan 1961
        "From Out of the Black Pit Came... Grogg" (13 Kirby/Ayers pages)
         "Masquerade Party" (5 Ditko pages)
         "The Menace of Shandu" (5 Heck pages)

STRANGE TALES #84 - Kirby/Ayers cover - shipped Feb 1961
        "The Wonder of the Ages, Magneto" (13 Kirby/Ayers pages)
        "Twelve Silent Men" (5 Reinman pages)
         "They Met on Mars" (5 Ditko page story)

The proto-Magneto helps set the tone for the upcoming Superhero Age in STRANGE TALES #84. And what red-blooded American boy wouldn't like a story set at a carnival?

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There seem to be several souls out there laboring under the delusion that I "ghost wrote" some or all of these issues. This is not true.
 Mark Evanier, THE SOURCE column (1986 NEW GODS #1 reprint) 

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If your hobby is identifying art this post's for you.

Pappy's Golden Age Comic Blogzine has a 10 page comics story from 1947 that is signed by Simon & Kirby. According to the Final Edition of TwoMorrow's Kirby Checklist only 3 panels are by Kirby.