Saturday, November 29, 2014

"Some comics historians theorize he may have been an inker on some portion of Kirby's landmark comic Fantastic Four #1 (Nov. 1961), for which George Klein is the generally recognized, uncredited inker. Others note the long lag time between Rule's last confirmed credit and the Fantastic Four premiere. The Jack Kirby Museum, singularly and with no specified corroboration, gives Rule credit for stories as late as "I Dream of Doom" in Strange Tales #96 (May 1962), and lists him as inker for one of three chapters in The Fantastic Four #1 (the 12-page "The Fantastic Four Meet the Moleman") and the 24-page entirety of The Fantastic Four #2 (Jan. 1962)"


  1. "That's what I'll do to anyone who gets in my way." Throw a stuffed bear's head at them?

  2. If you look at a clean printing of FFs 1 and 2, Klein is clearly the pre-dominant inker. That is, he did the job -- enough for the inker's credit -- although there's an issue of assistance from Rule. Klein and Rule were then backing each other up at the time. And if I recollect, Klein also did some inking on Kirby's Challengers.