Thursday, July 23, 2015

43 YEARS AGO TODAY your retailer would have four Kirby comics for you to choose from. Two of them, DEMON #1 and MISTER MIRACLE #10, would be DC comics with new Kirby covers and new Kirby interior art.

The other two would be Marvels. MONSTERS ON THE PROWL #19 (reprinting two Kirby stories from the early Sixties) and
reprinting the Kirby story from
The new cover for the old Kirby story is by the younger of the talented Buscema brothers, Sal. As if it was not already unfair to task Sal with creating a composition that would inevitably be compared with Jack's it was further hampered by unnecessary word balloons. 


  1. The decision to use "new covers" to freshen the interest on reprinted Kirby books was a slap in the face. Frankly, I lost interest in buying those reprints when I noticed Marvel redrawing new covers for them instead of modifying the original Kirby covers.. True, the use of word balloons tends to cater to younger kids, and I was an adult. Nowadays, I also realize that the decision started at the point where Marvel/Kirby's popularity had exploded...and so, maybe it was a good idea to try to hook new and old readers with a new vision. (But I still don't like it.)