Thursday, July 9, 2015

46 YEARS AGO TODAY once you got past the John Buscema/Giacoia cover...

You were rewarded with 53 pages of Kirby-drawn classic (more than 4 years old) Captain America stories.  20 of the pages were embellished by Giacoia providing a veneer of artistic continuity with the cover.


  1. I have ALWAYS felt this was a much better cover than the Avengers #4 that everyone raves about. I guess it has to do with my feelings about "tilted covers" and that G. Bell inking job inside...

  2. yeah, I do agree with you there. however, I'd like to have seen Kirby himself draw this and show us what he really could have done with it

  3. It just puzzles me WHY people think his original, lay-out or whatever, is so fantastic?! The issue may be a key issue, and important to the MU, but the cover just leaves me cold. Maybe if I had been buying back in the day, and knew who Cap was prior to what he became to the Silver Age MU, I might feel different, but as a latecomer to the MU, other than hearing this was a key issue, it leaves me cold.