Wednesday, July 13, 2016


if you went to your retailer with $1.35 you could buy 190 pages of Kirby art: FANTASY MASTERPIECES #4 (45 reprinted pages), TALES OF SUSPENSE #81 (10 new pages), MARVEL SUPER-HEROES ANNUAL #1 (22 reprinted pages), THOR #132 (21 new pages), THOR ANNUAL #2 (30 new pages, 13 reprinted pages),  MARVEL COLLECTORS'  ITEM CLASSICS #5 (33 reprinted pages) and FANTASTIC FOUR #55 (20 new pages) 

There is a school of thought among Kirbyites that propose you can get all the storytelling nuances of a Lee/Kirby FANTASTIC FOUR page without reading the words. If this is the first time you've seen the splash of this rare-for-1966 single issue story please try it both ways and decide.
Without the words I would be wondering why these people are hunting the Surfer and why he is afraid of them. 
If I was trying to bolster the Words-not necessary Theory  I would have only shown you this page.

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