Wednesday, October 12, 2016

44 YEARS AGO TODAY did Marvel think that Gil Kane could improve on Kirby?

WHERE MONSTERS DWELL #19 reprinted the entire contents of TALES OF SUSPENSE #24 from 11 years earlier.
The first two of the four stories are penciled by Kirby and embellished by Ayers. 
But the only thing Marvel didn't reprint was the Kirby cover!?!

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  1. If you look at the ToS cover, there's a black screen on the darker area of the insect monster's body and eyes, the gondola and big story title box.
    That black screen would be on whatever film negatives and photostats were available for reprint use.
    The reprint editor probably felt it wasn't worth the time to try to retouch/redraw those elements, and Gil might have had an opening in his schedule, so...