Thursday, December 31, 2015

48 YEARS AGO TODAY the transporter/teleporter device providing the dramatic entrance of THOR #135's villain was NOT a Star Trek influence. The first episode was broadcast less than a month before so this issue would already be on the way to the printers when Kirby first watched the show in his home studio.

It IS possible that the High Evolutionary's transporter and Star Trek's teleporter were inspired by the first episode of the OUTER LIMITS from two years earlier. A similar device is reponsible for bringing the titular "Galaxy Being" to Earth.

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  1. I had always heard that the Star Trek transporter was invented out of a need for an alternative means of transporting down to the planet's surface. The model makers were slow or late in producing the shuttle craft, and as a result, the transporter was a rabbit pulled out of the hat to solve the problem in the first half dozen episodes. The "Galileo 7" episode marked the first appearance of the shuttle, if I recall correctly!