Monday, December 25, 2017

I'm surprised Jack Kirby didn't create THE WALKING DEAD.

Kirby's genius was converting pop culture into comic book gold. He created an entire series based on a popular Science Fiction movie he had never even seen. He was inspired by the Depression Era pulp sensation Doc Savage to create two series, one in the 1950s and one in the 1960s. When he noticed in the 1940s that women were buying true romance magazines Kirby created the romance comics genre. He even had Captain America punch Hitler before America entered World War II.
Halloween 1968 the movie that was the template for THE WALKING DEAD comic, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD was in the theaters. Fortunately for Robert Kirkman Kirby must have been too busy creating his Fourth World mythology while simultaneously free-lancing at Marvel to notice.

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  1. Maybe zombies were too nihilistic to interest Kirby. The pre-Marvel monster books notwithstanding, left to his own devices, as it were, monsters didn't interest him. And, of course, the genius of Ben Grimm is that he reverses the trope. (Not that that was so original, just that it shows where Kirby's head was at.) Too, Kirby was a little too much of a futurist to be attracted to monsters, particularly, well, dead ones.