Wednesday, January 3, 2018


THOR #162 - Kirby/Colleta cover  
     "Galactus is Born" (20 Kirby/Colleta pages) (6 full-pagers) The 3rd consecutive issue to feature Galactus. It was also the 18th consecutive issue that Lee/Kirby didn't create any new characters for. 

CAPTAIN AMERICA #112 - Kirby/Giacoia cover 
      "Lest we Forget" (20 Kirby/Tuska pages) (4 full-pagers)
Kirby returns to Cap after a two issue hiatus.

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  1. Cap #112 was famous for being the complete issue Jack penciled over a weekend after Jim Steranko blew the deadline.
    George Tuska inked pages as fast as they were passed to him after being dialogued by Lee, and the entire book went to the printer on schedule that Friday!
    To this day, art from that issue is used for various licensed Marvel products including t-shirts, mugs and other goodies!