Thursday, April 5, 2018


You had the opportunity to purchase something historic.
For the first time Marvel reprinted a Golden Age Captain America story. Actually they reprinted two Cap stories from 1941, both penciled by Kirby but finished by a different inker. The 17 page "Hunchback of Hollywood and the Movie Murder" was finished by Frank Giacoia. Reed Crandall applied his considerable embellishing skills to the 11 page "The Plundering Butterfly and the Ancient Mummies" 
FANTASY MASTERPIECES #3 also had another treat for  connoisseurs of comparative Kirby collaborations - a 13 page Kirby/Ayers giant monster story.


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  1. You sure the Giacoia credit's right? I thought he didn't start working for a couple of years yet -- mid 40s -- and I thought he and Infantino broke in with Giacoia pencilling. As for the Crandall credit: I believe what's accepted is that he was most prominent amongst a number of inkers on the story.