Friday, October 12, 2018

46 YEARS AGO TODAY did Marvel think that Gil Kane could improve on Kirby?

WHERE MONSTERS DWELL #19 reprinted the entire contents of TALES OF SUSPENSE #24 from 11 years earlier.
The first two of the four stories are penciled by Kirby and embellished by Ayers. 
But the only thing Marvel didn't reprint was the Kirby/Ayers cover!?!

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  1. The are two possible reasons.
    1) no film negatives or photostats were available at that point in time.
    That happened a lot more often than you think!
    Marvel's almost always been understaffed in their production department than they should have been.
    2) If you look at the original ToS cover, there's lots of black dot screens on the art.
    Those screens are also on the photostats and the black plate negative films.
    If there's relatively-little detail in those screened areas, the production staff will white them out and do some minor retouching.
    If there's lots, as there is on this cover, it's more time-effective to simply re-do the cover.