Saturday, October 12, 2019

47 YEARS AGO TODAY did Marvel think that Gil Kane could improve on Kirby?

WHERE MONSTERS DWELL #19 reprinted the entire contents of TALES OF SUSPENSE #24 from 11 years earlier.
The first two of the four stories are penciled by Kirby and embellished by Ayers. 
But the only thing Marvel didn't reprint was the Kirby/Ayers cover!?!

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  1. The reason is simple!
    The gray dot pattern screen on both Insect Man and the capsule couldn't be removed cleanly from the stats/film negatives of the ToS cover, so they were unusable for color reproduction!
    Apparently Marvel sent the only "clean" (non-gray screen) stat to England, where it was used for the reprint in Mystic #26...
    ...and never got it back from publisher L Miller & Son!