Tuesday, June 9, 2020


My Marvel collection consisted of two comics.
THOR #143 
Marvel paid Kirby more for covers because he knew just the elements to combine to separate children from their money.
Kirby's talent for designing impressive architecture made me begin to appreciate establishing shots more. 

My years of reading Superboy/Superman made me assume that bald scientists are evil. Kirby reinforces this belief by using his "arrogant stance" for the character in the second panel. Kirby portrays another of the scientists projecting the same body language from a different angle in the third panel.
Lee/Kirby pose the philosophical question "Is it wrong to put a blind girl in harm's way to advance science?" Note that the least evil/amoral scientist is the one with blonde hair.
An action-filled flashback explains WHY they need to put a blind damsel in distress (and a girlfriend of one one of the Fantastic Four besides) while also giving a hint of how powerful the mystery character is.
What are they looking at on the penultimate page? Lee/Kirby figured it would be worth another 12 cents to find out!

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