Wednesday, August 26, 2020


FAMOUS FUNNIES #61, the fourth comic book to contain Kirby art, was on sale. It had two and a half pages of ads, including  a Kirby full-pager for the Lone Rider feature that would begin in the next issue. This made Kirby's page count so far for his first year in the industry to be twenty-four and a half pages.

Slightly more than a year earlier Kirby had been hired by Associated Features Syndicate to produce his first daily strip. It was a knockoff of the Lone Ranger, a character that had at that point been on the radio for four years and star of his own monthly pulp magazine for half a year. The Lone Ranger comic strip appeared in newspapers from September 1938 to December 1971. Kirby's Lone Rider strip appeared from January 1939 until February 1939. Thirty-two of those strips were colored and a reprinted four to a page, two pages an issue in FAMOUS FUNNIES #62, 63, 64 and 65.

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